• Everyman


  • Wit and Science by John Redford
  • St. George Mummer’s Play
  • Towneley Secunda Pastorum


  • Gammer Gurton’s Needle
  • Mankynde
  • A Christmas Revelles


  • The Play of David
  • Coventry Pageant of Shearman and Taylors
  • Ralph Roister Doister by Nicholas Udall
  • York Crucifixion Sequence


  • Cambises by Thomas Preston
  • Like Will to Like by Ulpian Fulwell
  • Towneley Secunda Pastorum
  • Towneley Cain and Abel, Noah


  • The Digby Play of St. Mary Magdalene
  • N-Town Adoration of the Magi, Death of Herod
  • Towneley Slaughter of the Innocents, Flight into Egypt
  • Chester Creation of the World, Noah’s Flood
  • Hycke Scorner


  • The Somonyng of Everyman
  • Planctus Mariae
  • More Dissemblers besides Women by Thomas Middleton
  • Mankynde
  • The Four PP by John Heywood
  • Towneley Prima Pastorum


  • The Imposture by James Shirley
  • Johan Johan by John Heywood, and Once More
  • Pericles by William Shakespeare
  • Lancelot of Denmark and Dame Sirith
  • Three Towneley Nativity Pageants


  • Filius Getronis
  • Towneley Mactacio Abel, Noah
  • Witt and Wisdome
  • Pleasure Reconciled to Virtue by Ben Jonson
  • N-Town Assumption of the Virgin
  • Towneley Last Judgment


  • A Re-enactment of the Coronation and the Mass of Henry V
  • York Baptism, Temptation
  • N-Town Women Taken in Adultery
  • Townley Colifizacio, Scourging, Crucifixion
  • The Franklin’s Tale, The Washtub


  • Fulgens and Lucrece
  • Towneley The Talents, The Resurrection
  • Officium in Nocte Resurrectionis, Music at the Time of Petrarch
  • Pierre Pathelin
  • Towneley Secunda Pastorum, York Herod Plays


  • Magnyfycence by John Skelton
  • The Sport of the Friar, The Sport of the Drunken Monk by King Mahendra
  • Arden of Faversham


  • Sampson Dux Fortissime
  • Bassingham Mummer’s Play
  • The Dance of Death by John Lydgate
  • Towneley Judgement


  • Two Cain and Abel Plays (Chester and Towneley)
  • Visitatio Sepulchri
  • Mankynde
  • The York Cycle (48 separate pageants; gallery)


  • Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
  • Johan Johan by John Heywood
  • The Dead Man, The Hot Iron and The Stolen Shrovetide Cock by Hans Sachs
  • Nice Wanton
  • A Mummer’s Play
  • A Renaissance High Mass


  • Everyman
  • Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare
  • A Winter’s Revels
  • The Castle of Perseverence (gallery)
  • 13th Century Spanish Music
  • The World and the Child


  • The Blessed Apple Tree
  • The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare
  • Robin Hood and the Friar
  • Towneley Murder of Abel, Abraham and Isaac
  • Brome Abraham


  • Tom Tyler and His Wife
  • The Toronto Passion Play (gallery)
  • Hyde Park by James Shirley


  • Ralph Roister Doister by Nicholas Udall
  • Towneley Noah and Secunda Pastorum
  • Fool Surgery
  • The Pie and the Tart
  • Johan Johan (puppet production)
  • Edward II by Christopher Marlowe
  • The Fleury Slaughter of the Innocents
  • Aminta Torquato Tasso


  • The Play of Daniel
  • The Chester Cycle of Mystery Plays (24 separate pageants; gallery)
  • Wit and Science by John Redford


  • La Calandria
  • Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe
  • Man’s Desire and Fleeting Beauty
  • Coventry Christmas Plays


  • N-Town Death of Herod (PDF program)
  • The Dead Husband
  • The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare
  • The Towneley Cycle of Mystery Cycles (32 separate pageants)
  • Wealth and Health
  • Towneley Nativity Sequence


  • The Nun Who Left Her Abbey
  • Watkins Ale
  • Confessions of Rifflart
  • King John by William Shakespeare
  • York Nativity Sequence


  • A Fourteenth Century Easter Matins
  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight


  • The N-Town Pageants: A Medieval History of the World (21 separate pageants; gallery)
  • Homo
  • Like Will to Like by Ulpian Fulwell
  • The Presentation of the Virgin by Phillipe de Mezieres


  • Gammer Gurton’s Needle
  • The Quack Dentist


  • The Feast of St. Ursula: Lauds and hymns of Hildegard von Bingen
  • Everyman
  • Jesuskind: Christmas Vespers and Procession


  • A Looking Glasse for London and England by Thomas Lodge and Robert Greene
  • Wisdom
  • No Wit, No Help Like a Woman’s by Thomas Middleton
  • Jesuskind: Christmas Vespers and Procession


  • N-Town Assumption of the Virgin (gallery)
  • Robin Hood and the Friar
  • Le Jeu de Robin et Marion


  • The Widow’s Tears by George Chapman
  • Youth and Hickscorner


  • The Digby Conversion of St. Paul
  • A Mery Play betwene Johan Johan the Husbande, Tib his wife, and Sir Johan the Preest
  • A Yorkshire Tragedy


  • Mankind (gallery)
  • Occupacion and Ydelnesse
  • Four episodes from the York Cycle: Annunciation, Joseph’s Troubles, Nativity, Shepherds (gallery)
  • The Play of Daniel (Joint production with The Toronto Consort)


  • Three episodes from the York Cycle: Fall and Expulsion, Temptation of Christ, Crucifixion (gallery)
  • Antony and Cleopatra William Shakespeare
  • N-Town Trial of Joseph and Mary and Towneley Second Shepherds’ Play (gallery)
  • The Wandering Scholar from Paradise by Hans Sachs


  • Towneley Noah’s Ark
  • Gammer Gurton’s Needle (gallery)


  • The Joy of Sachs: The Doctor with the Big Nose, The Wandering Scholar from Paradise, The Stolen Shrovetide Cock
  • The York Cycle (48 separate plays; gallery)
  • Coventry Shearmen and Taylors’ Pageant


  • Chester Antichrist (modern-dress)
  • The Spanish Tragedy Thomas Kyd


  • Arden of Feversham
  • The Woman In the Moone John Lyly


  • Aminta Torquato Tasso (co-production with Drama Centre)
  • The Conversion of the Harlot Thais by Hrotswitha
  • Robin Hood and the Friar


  • The Alchemist by Ben Jonson
  • Troilus and Cressida by William Shakespeare
  • Chester Christmas Pageants


  • The Digby Mary Magdalene (poster, gallery)
  • The World and the Child
  • The Chester Shepherds (gallery)


  • The Chester Antichrist and The Old Wives Tale by George Peele (PDF poster)
  • Don Juan, Ladykiller of Seville (PDF poster, program, gallery)
  • The Second Shepherd’s Play and Officium Stellae (PDF poster, program)


  • Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay by Robert Greene (PDF poster, program)
  • Joseph’s Trouble About Mary and Jesuskind: Christmas Vespers and Procession (PDF poster, gallery)


  • Experiments in Elizabethan Comedy
  • King Leir, The Famous Victories of Henry V, Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay (in association with Shakespeare and the Queen’s Men) (DVDs available, gallery)
  • Jesuskind: A Christmas Eve Vespers and The Birth of Christ (York Cycle) (PDF poster, gallery)


  • The True Tragedy of Richard the Third (co-production with the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama) (PDF poster)
  • Heaven Touching Earth: The N-Town Parliament in Heaven and Annunciation (co-production with SINE NOMINE)


  • Ram Alley by Lording Barry
  • N-Town Plays Trial of Mary and Joseph and The Woman Taken in Adultery


  • Clyomon and Clamydes (co-production with the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama)
  • A Child Shall Be Born: Annunciation and Nativity Pageants from the Chester Cycle


  • Inside Out: The Persistence of Allegory in Renaissance Performance (co-production with the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama)
  • Chester 2010 (gallery)
  • What Light Is This? A Medieval Nativity Pageant (York; co-production with St Thomas’s Anglican Church) (PDF poster, gallery)


  • New Custom: A New Interlude, No Less Witty than Pleasant (co-production with the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama)
  • To Seek a Child (Chester; sponsored by Friends of the Creche at the Cathedral Church of St James) (poster, PDF program, gallery)







  • Dulcitius at Mostly Medieval Play Festival at the International Congress on Medieval Studies
  • Dulcitius with Pneuma Ensemble’s Bisclaveret
  • in Toronto

  • The Towneley Second Shepherds’ Play
  • (co-production with Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Toronto)


  • Dame Sirith at New Chaucer Society conference banquet
  • Dame Sirith with Pneuma Ensemble’s The Nun’s Priest’s Tale (in Toronto)


  • Dutch Courtesan (with the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Toronto)
  • Problematic Men: Babio and Samson dux fortissime with Pneuma Ensemble