Our current name is officially Poculi Ludique Societas, which is Latin for “The Cup and Game Society” (or “The Drinking and Gaming Society”), which roughly describes what we do. The Spring 2013 issue U of T Magazine included a little feature about the origin of our name. Click the image below to view the full size article, or read it in HTML format here.

University of Toronto Magazine » Poculi Ludique Societas


Over the years, many other suggestions have been made to expand our acronym:

Professor Leyerle’s Seminar
Perfectly Ludicrous Society
People’s Love Service
Parry’s Long Shadow
Pillage & Looting Society
Parking Lot Sacrifices
Pretty Lively Shows
Ph.D.’s Lost in Space
Partly Literary Sources
Play Less Songs
Patchy Latinists Society
Publicity Lacks Something
Please, Large Sums
People Losing Sleep
Plays Larger than Shakespeare

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